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Every industry, every sector and at every stage in the business growth cycle – whatever you want your business to be, business coaching can help take care of some of the major issues you’re facing.

Engaging with a business coach can help you refine your strategy, keep you on track and achieve your business goals now and for the short and long-term.

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Whether it’s planning an exit strategy, understanding how to sell more effectively, developing ideas around brand and marketing, or pivoting your business during times of crisis, The Icehouse’s business coaches bring value to your business in countless ways.

Our advisory services also include facilitated programmes that can also be tailored to your business, in-house training for multiple employees and other customised workshops.

Many of The Icehouse coaches have been owners and founders themselves, starting up successful businesses from scratch, and have held senior management and board positions for many of New Zealand’s most prestigious companies.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmedtrying to figure out how to solve a problem, or  looking for a sounding board to bounce around strategy – we all need reassurance that we’re doing the right thing. 21% of owners rate themselves as the biggest obstacle to success, while 26% lack the confidence to grow their business successfully.


Business owners have struggled in the past to get coaching assistance that comes with real value. The advice is too generic and doesn’t focus on the key areas where they need support , there’s a lack of expertise in a specific sector, or maybe the personalities just don’t ‘click’.

This is where current trends in digital communication help. With an increased adoption of technologies like Zoom, the geographical obstacles and costs of the past can be overcome easily. Business owners can work with their chosen coach virtually - regardless if they’re in Invercargill or Kerikeri, enabling our coaches to work with businesses anywhere in New Zealand.

This also means we can connect business owners with the best coaching fit, especially when it comes to experience in unique industries. Owners can drill down to very niche challenges or situations that require highly specialised assistance – often from Icehouse coaches who have been in exactly the same business situations from their time as owner managers.

Coaches Playbook Download LHS

Download a cheat sheet from our expert business coaches!

Tips and tricks on market validation, brand essence and leadership written by three Icehouse coaches.

Example Focus Areas Of Support

Business Continuity Action Planning

  1. Review of your current business position in light of Covid-19 crisis – what is your current reality.
  2. Create contingency plans / scenario plans to help businesses get through next few months and build their teams readiness and resilience to cope during a crisis.  E.g. delegated decision making if a business owner is incapacitated or unable to undertake normal business tasks such as payroll, who is authorised to do this?
  3. Document a 90 day action plan that focuses your business on the important things that you can control and influence in your business during times of uncertainty.
  4. Utilising Virtual Workforce management tools to keep your business going.
  5. How to choose and set up Remote working tools / tech platforms to communicate internally and externally with remote workforces, customers and suppliers.

Health & Wellbeing

  1. Communication – how to facilitate ongoing connections and create opportunity for staff to raise any issues, ask for help.
  2. How to facilitate daily team check ins – create opportunity for staff to raise any issues, ask for help?
  3. Peer to peer networking – find support from other business owners in your region / network / alumni.
  4. How to access EAP assistance programmes.
  5. Utilising Video and social media platforms to keep connected with your clients and team.
  6. Gamification – simple but fun games that can be held virtually among work teams to help with staff engagement / morale / health & well being.
  7. Tools and techniques to support personal resilience.

Get your business financially fit to survive

  1. Triage current business financial position

  2. High level financial analysis of key numbers like free cash flow, payroll, accounts receivable / payable

  3. Review business process to ensure you are invoicing promptly and chasing up early

  4. Review terms of trade for casual / new jobs to same day / next day payment 

  5. How to defer non-essential business spend

  6. How to approach your bank for financial support, information gathering

  7. Financing options – debt facilities

HR, Employee relations and Legal

  1. Employment law obligations with respect to restructuring / redundancy / change of work hours
  2. Review of current staffing overheads
  3. Leave liabilities
  4. Covid-19 leave obligations
  5. Government support and funding for employees

Marketing Strategy

  1. Review and refresh marketing strategy to improve agility in uncertainty

  2. Review and refresh brand and positioning

  3. Evaluate current and potential marketing channels and tools

  4. Leverage your lockdown learning and crisis response

  5. Identify opportunities to strengthen customer relationships and build loyalty

  6. Investigate partnership opportunities

  7. Maximise potential for return on marketing investment

Digital Enablement Strategy

  1. Create a vision for your digital transformation

  2. Assess current digital capability and identify gaps

  3. Leverage your lockdown learning and crisis response

  4. Identify relevant platforms and ecosystems such as CRM, ecommerce and digital marketing

  5. Identify talent and resource needs and potential sources

  6. Create a digital plan including prioritised actions to build capability

  7. Upskill on digital tools such as video conferencing, content management and social media

  8. Establish metrics and performance measures

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"With a business coach, I was held responsible and that was a real bonus.
Without Carollyn's advise, I would have spent a long time chasing the wrong things."
Michelle Sokolich - Founder - Show & Tell Video