What our Alumni say about The Owner Manager Programme:


“My Owner Manager Programme group was amazing, and part of it was the huge commitment that we each made to each other to be there at every block. Despite everyone having heaps of other stuff on, they all prioritised sufficiently and we were all there every time. It was really humbling and encouraging, it was really neat. You really felt part of something. The things I’ve learned on the Programme are still definitely relevant. You don’t just leave that stuff behind and I find that it’s become a huge part of what we are.”

– Pic Picot, Pic’s Peanut Butter
Owner Manager Programme 32, 2016


The weekly turnover at Farro Fresh has doubled since I’ve done the Owner Manager Programme. Being surrounded by other owner managers meant I could really open up about the business with people who understood my opportunities and my challenges. The Programme allowed me to identify the aspects of the business which were good and the aspects of the business which were not so good – this meant I could step back and see what needed to be done to complete our business as a whole.”

– Janene Draper, Farro Fresh
Owner Manager Programme 23, 2011


"The Programme gave us the insight to know that we can actually grow a really serious business. It's real and relevant to your own business. What was really apparent was that even though the businesses were totally different sectors, everyone had really similar problems. If you invest in yourself and develop yourself, I think there's huge opportunities to actually grow a really big business."

- Tim Alpe, JUCY
Owner Manager Programme 5, 2003


“The Owner Manager Programme was a breath of fresh air. It assisted me in taking my business to the next level while reassuring me that it was OK to take a bit of time out to enjoy life. It gave me a great network of support and encouraged me to continue to grow. The Programme allowed me to clarify my thinking and expand on opportunities I never thought possible.

- Shane Anselmi, Overland Footwear/Merchant 1948
Owner Manager Programme 5, 2003


“The most beneficial thing I learned from the Owner Manager Programme was looking forward to the information-packed workshops, the friendships and fun of fellow attendees, and coming away from it inspired and remembering what I’m in the business for and that it can and will be done. The Programme really gives you a boost for, not only how to get to the next level, but also the mental push required.

– Janice Tan, AB Food Industries
Owner Manager Programme 41, 2017


The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme was for me a demonstration of ‘nothing is impossible’ – the stories that came from our trainers and colleagues on the course were demonstrations and how-to’s for many of the difficult situations that we face, and the ways to overcome them and prosper.”

– Tim Nowell-Usticke, WineWorks Limited
Owner Manager Programme 21, 2010


“The Owner Manager Programme was literally life-changing. I was on the brink of throwing in the towel, I’d arrive home exhausted and my wife would say ‘you’re killing yourself’. The key thing the programme gave me was confidence. Like the majority of other owner-managers, I didn’t lack ideas, but I did lack the confidence to push them through. The spin-off for HySpecs has been a growth in turnover of 50% over the past three years with a comparable profit increase. There have been massive changes and massive growth, much of which is attributable to The Icehouse.”

– Richard Krebs, Hyspecs
Owner Manager Programme 1, 2001


One of the biggest things that The Icehouse has given me is confidence. I have never owned a business of this scale before and I didn’t know what I was doing. But now, not only do I have the confidence in myself and my ability as a business owner, but I have the confidence to follow through with the decisions I make.”

– Aaron Jay, Hortus
Owner Manager Programme 27, 2012


“When I was explaining to people what I was doing with the Owner Manager Programme, I was saying it’s like a little mini MBA. It was a whole end-to-end of business. The Owner Manager Programme helps you focus on your goal-setting and visualising where you want to be. It taught me that I need to work ON the business and not IN the business and that’s a great discipline. If you follow the process of the Owner Manager Programme, it’s phenomenal.

– Carmen Vicelich, Data Insights and Valocity
Owner Manager Programme 36, 2015


"Before coming into the Programme, I was somewhat apprehensive because of the size of my business and the length of time I’ve been in business – I felt vulnerable. But you know what? By the end of it, we realized that we all had insecurities and felt vulnerable, but that allowed us all to completely open up and learn from each other. It was just so empowering."

- Steph Fry, IdealCup
Owner Manager Programme 43, 2018

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